How much does it cost to lease Eugenia Hall?
Eugenia Hall is available for full day or multi-day rentals only. The lease cost for the studio varies depending on your requirements. Our fee is largely inclusive and may include the use of live room, production room, break room / lounge, load-in area, two industry offices, as well as two bathrooms with a shower facility - it will be your private space. Please contact Jessie Watts at (615) 730-0022 or for a proposal.

What type of sound equipment is found at Eugenia Hall?
The main rehearsal space at Eugenia Hall is 35’ x 40’ in size and features a Midas PRO2C console, eight Clair SRM monitor wedges, a Clair PA system featuring a R-4 loudspeaker and ML-18 mid-bass loudspeaker. Clients may also bring their own sound equipment to accent or supplement anything found in-house.

Does the room rate include a sound engineer?
The room rate does not include the cost of a sound engineer. The responsibility of providing such an engineer lies with incoming clients.

What if I need additional gear that is not on-site?
We will be happy to handle the cartage for these items. The cost of which will be passed along to the client at a 10% up-charge to cover the pick-up and delivery.

What type of lighting system is used in the main room?
At Eugenia Hall, we have installed six upstage and six downstage LED lights in the Live Room. These are customizable and the cost of the lighting is included in the general lease price.

What elements of tour production are we allowed to bring? May we hang anything from the roof / ceiling?
You are potentially allowed to bring in additional lighting and video elements. We do not allow any heavy structures from the ceiling. Utilizing haze or any type of smoke machine inside the building is prohibited. Eugenia Hall will confirm any and all limitations that may apply to your rental prior to your booking.

How far is the push for load-in / load-out?
The loading bay for Eugenia Hall is at ground level, and it is covered by a large canopy to protect you from the elements during load-in. The main garage door will accommodate any equipment that you would utilize during your stay. The push into the main studio is from four feet to forty feet depending on the type of truck used for delivery. Just outside this area, you will find the handicap accessible parking space and entry door as well.

Can the room be used for a private party or showcase?
Yes, we are generally able to accommodate most rentals of this nature, dependent upon their size. During our discussions concerning your event, please confirm the number of patrons expected as well as the number of vehicles that may require parking. These regulations are subject to approval from the Fire Marshall of Davidson County of Tennessee.

Can the room be used for video and photography shoots?
Yes, we are generally able to accommodate video shoots of certain shapes and sizes. Please enquire with us further about the rates and provide all of your requirements associated with this type of usage.

How large is your parking lot? Is it secured? How long may we park there?
Parking at Eugenia Hall is sufficient for ten automobiles, as well as one tour bus or van with a trailer. Video surveillance cameras fully monitor the exterior of the property, which is also wrapped with a screened fence for further client privacy. You may park freely and safely for the duration of your lease agreement. Any overages must be approved in advance of your arrival.

Do you have shore power on site?
Yes, we have shore power available (50 amp/220 volt, 30 amp/220 volt and 20 amp/120 volt). The cost of its usage is included in the flat-rate lease agreement.

What else is required to lease Eugenia Hall?
All clients of Eugenia Hall will sign a lease agreement, as well as provide a certificate of insurance before commencement of the rental.

What is your cancellation policy?
At the time of reservation, Eugenia Hall requires a deposit of 50% of your total lease. The balance is paid seven days prior to your arrival. Should a lease need to be cancelled, Eugenia Hall requires seven days advance notice for a refund.

I still have some questions. Who should I speak with now?
Please feel free to reach out to our general manager, Jessie Watts with additional questions. Her office line is (615) 730-0022, and her email is